Viviana Spicer

Viviana was born into a bilingual and bi-cultural environment in Bogota, Colombia. Her Colombian father exposed them to Colombian culture immediately; her American mother made sure that she learned English and appreciated American culture. Dinner-table conversations were always bilingual, where from a young age, she either switched back and forth between the two languages, or acted as an interpreter for her father.

Viviana has always been fond of languages and has picked up bits and pieces of several along the way. She completed a degree in Global Studies from the University of Illinois, which enriched her multicultural awareness and affinity. Her love affair with words and languages provided her with several interpreting jobs in high school, including supporting international speakers on TV and radio, as well as in front of large and small audiences alike.

She has worked as a language teacher and tutor in Bogota. While in Illinois, she worked with Multilingual Advantage, a company that offers language-learning software programs for Spanish learners. In addition to this, she continually translated and interpreted for various and diverse clients, including museums, law firms, pastors, non-profit organizations, world-renown speakers, companies and schools. She specializes in work with non-profits and charities, though many of our clients have come from quite diverse backgrounds. She is a member of the American Translators’ Association and the National Association of Professional Women.

She now lives in Ontario with her Canadian husband. She is proud to say that she has survived one Canadian winter and has purchased her first pair of ice skates– well on her way to becoming a Canadian!

She can be contacted via email at