How do you explain 12-hour days, non-stop dancing, and walking on fire?

That is the question that I will attempt to answer as I recap the Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within event I attended last month. Sharing these moments with 7,000 others was amazing and my goal here is to share that same experience in the next 300 words. If you have never heard of Tony Robbins please stop here and get some background on him. Now that you know who he is, you can understand the purpose of it all. As the author of Awaken The Giant Within, it comes to no surprise that this weekend event was about unleashing our full potential.

What better way to start an event based on unleashing potential then with a fire walk? That is correct…walking on burning coals. As all seven thousand of us lined up and chanted “Yes” over and over, we walked towards the fire. It seemed like the day had begun in a different universe. We had been jumping and yelling for over 12 hours now and were about to finish the day off with a 10-foot stroll over hot coals. The purpose of this exercise was to show us that our mind is an incredible instrument that we do not take advantage of enough. After walking over fire, that idea is cemented in your mind.

Why walk on fire, why go 12 hours without a break for food or water?Because we are making decisions based on moving toward a place of pleasure. What does that exactly mean? At the completion of the seminar, similar to the completion of the fire walk, feelings of immense joy and satisfaction surge through the body. This is important because Robbins argues that we all make decisions that are based on either pain or pleasure. We are either moving toward pleasure or away from pain. According to Robbins, pain and pleasure are the single biggest motivators that exist. Expanding on this concept, we move away from pain more often and more aggressively than we ever will toward pleasure.  Think through your own life and see if you can arrive at decisions that were made based out of either pain or pleasure…which one in your life has the strongest pull? Knowing that we have one of these emotions that is going to be stronger than the other, it is important to know how to override it.
Being a big sports fan, this is a concept I am familiar with…changing state. What does it mean to actually change state? A change of state occurs through our physical body first. When we change our physical mood we can then affect change through the rest of our body, mind, and emotions. A perfect example of this is standing up straight versus standing slouched. Put yourself in both of these settings and see if your mind, body, and emotions change at al. My guess is that they did. This is why in sports before games you see the players pumping themselves up; screaming, jumping, hitting themselves and others. They are changing the way their body is in order to change their state.  This becomes even more powerful when it can be applied to our day-to-day lives. When a person learns how to change state, they can learn how to instantly feel and look happy, energized, etc. Whatever emotion or feeling that is wanted can be found through a state change. Be sure to change state in a positive way and not allow your body to lead you into a negative state.

After going through intense training, regardless of what field it is in, application of said material and knowledge is most challenging. What I have learned is that concentrating on just three pieces, or three action items is the way to go. By focusing on just three it gives me an opportunity to make changes and create momentum. As is evident by this post, the three major action items were 1) Walking on Fire 2) Pain vs. Pleasure 3) Changing State._We naturally move away from pain, but moving

Walking on fire is not something that I need to really act on, more than anything it is something I want to continually think about and be reminded of. That is a powerful memory for me, it is a great reminder that we are all capable of more than we can see or initially believe. Following that though, knowing that pain and pleasure are the two most important motivators in our life, it changes the perspective in which we embrace pain or pleasure. We naturally move away from pain, but moving toward pleasure typically takes an intentional action. The concept of intentional action is a very specific concept I can work on and am continuing to work on. Finally, changing state, this concept could be the most powerful when applied correctly. As I continue to embrace the changes within myself, I encourage you to take what is applicable in your life and keep learning, growing, and improving!