Kelli and Daniel

Kelli and Daniel

Two years ago when I spent a semester in Morocco, I started looking for ways to stay fit that didn’t require me joining a team or going for runs by myself. I began searching YouTube videos hoping to find something that would be fun and challenging, yet accommodating, as my bedroom only provided enough room for me to lie on the ground with a meter on either side of me. I tried out various YouTube trainers, but none really stuck with me until I stumbled upon the incredible husband-wife duo, Kelly and Daniel from

They fully believe that fitness and a healthy lifestyle should be accessible to absolutely anyone. They continually work to provide high-quality, full-length exercise videos that are 100% free. Together, they eliminate any barrier to working out:


I can’t afford a gym membership.

No problem. They literally have hundreds of workouts that you can do in your living room, using only your body weight. If you choose to invest in dumbbells, you have everything you need to get into the best shape of your life. These workouts will have you huffing, puffing and sweating way more than an hour on the treadmill would.


I don’t have enough space.

Can you find enough room to lie on the ground with your hands over your head? Perfect—get started! Their videos are easily adaptable so that you can work out in small areas.


My body hurts. I’m not in good enough shape.

They have everything. Your foot hurts? No problem. Start with their  chair workout. Your knees hurt? Do their  low impact videos. Whatever it is, start with their  level 1-2 workouts, and you’ll see your strength, endurance, flexibility and general over-all health improve.


I don’t know how to structure my workouts.

If you can invest 10 bucks, purchase one of their workout plans. These are meticulously planned and give you a strategy so that you can work out safely and get the fastest results possible without hurting yourself.

I’m pretty sure I could go on, and on. But this pair is fabulous. Their workouts range from 5 to 90 minutes and they integrate (blend!) all kinds of fitness training to give you a comprehensive workout.

I work out with Kelli and Daniel at home, but they’re easy to take along when traveling. No wifi? No problem. Print out the workout and do it on your own. Set aside 20-30 minutes on your vacation, get a good sweat in with them, and go back to enjoying your trip. You can easily complete their workouts in hotel rooms, hostel hallways, backyards and patios. Don’t let your trip be an excuse for not staying healthy.

Do you workout with FitnessBlender? What are your favorite ways to stay fit when you travel?