Viviana Spicer, founder of Bilingual Exchange, is the best there is in ensuring that your content, message and professionalism are translated into your desired market reach.

As a professional communicator who has spoken in 43 countries and an international best-selling author, I know the value of having the best translators on my team.  In any communication and exchange there is an element and degree of wisdom and knowledge in making the bridge between two cultures not just a shallow connection. There is an exponential value when attempting to build business relationships to have on your side a dynamic, flexible and young individual who has worked with senior officials of government, executives and business leaders of today.

I have seen this team make me proud on several occasions and events of the several years of working with them.

Nick Vujicic

President, Attitude is Altitude, Life Without Limbs

She is quick, perceptive, experienced and able to translate the subtlest of nuances.

Working with Viviana Spicer in live interpretation situations has been a pleasure. Viviana is completely bilingual AND bicultural, both of which are distinct assets in creating the great work she does.

Carlos Vergara

Carlos Vergara Photography

She is patient with all learners and is always ready to encourage those who need a boost of confidence!

I took four years of high-school Spanish, but since then, I have forgotten a lot of basic vocabulary, grammar, conjugations, etc. I took Bilingual Exchange’s Beginner Spanish online class and picked up SO MUCH from the biweekly, thirty-minute sessions.

Viviana is a wonderful instructor. Being fully bilingual and bicultural, she offers insight into how things should be phrased in Spanish based on personal experiences and a deep knowledge and understanding of the content. She pays attention to the details when training others to speak, which has really helped me pronounce words with accents better. Viviana is well organized and always has easy-to-use handouts ready for lessons and notetaking.

I highly recommend the Google Hangouts classes for anyone interested

Betsy A.

HS Math Teacher

Thank you for all you do for your students. You are a very generous teacher.

Bettina S.

Would highly recommend for anybody that wants to learn Spanish or just needs a refresher.

Marilyn D.

You can trust their competence and their character, and their prices are always incredibly fair for the high-quality services that they deliver.

I have since had the privilege of knowing and working of working with her and her family internationally in both the U.S. and Colombia in translation and non-profit contexts, as well as forming close personal as well as professional relationships. I would whole-heartedly recommend working with Bilingual Exchange for any of your English/Spanish translation, interpretation, or instructional needs. The Afanadors are talented, experienced, and bicultural in addition to being bilingual. I have complete confidence in offering Bilingual Exchange my endorsement.

Michelle K.

You can’t help but learn with the tools she provides in class and on-line. Add her expertise to the mix and you have a winning combination.

Viviana is not only a lovely person but also a top-notch teacher. I thoroughly enjoy our encounters and look forwards to maintaining my Spanish skills with her help.

Marie P.

The 30-minute window for each class was ideal because it did not take the entire night, but was enough time to get more practice reading, speaking, writing, and listening.

Viviana did a wonderful job and I have a deeper understanding of Spanish because of it. I loved the convenience of the classes because my roommate and I could complete them from our living room. I am looking forward to the next course Viviana is offering!

Megan Y.

Elementary Teacher

Thank you for your working as my interpreter. It was extremely helpful and your performance was excellent. I was able to contact several businesses and you helped me close deals or start new ones that could be extremely important. You were always willing to help. Honestly, if anyone needs a translator or interpreter, I highly recommend Viviana. She was excellent.

José Luis Lores

Digital Zoom

Viviana is great to work with – so happy with her service and work ethic!

Karla Mills

Chief Operating Officer, Attitude is Altitude

Working with Viviana is simply sensational. She does an excellent job and is always on time.

Maritza P.

The best in Spanish translation.

Victor Arceo

Victor Arceo

The exposure to the language was excellent.

Spanish Student

She is able to not only preserve meaning in Spanish<>English translations, but also take into account finer details like flow and syntax.

Viviana has a depth of expertise that really shows in her translation work. She is able to not only preserve meaning in Spanish-English/English-Spanish translations, but also take into account finer details like flow and syntax which are often different in the two languages. She does great work!

Adam Fifield

Founder, Language Base Camp

Viviana is gentle, patient and always encouraging.

Viviana is a great Spanish teacher. I never believed that I could learn any language. My daughter encouraged me to try Rosetta Stone. I was learning some vocab but the sentence structure was way beyond me. I needed a person. She explains Spanish  in a way that helps me remember the structure of the stories. She uses a great combination of learning tools that solidify the new lessons. It is never boring and I am addicted to learning Spanish because of Viviana.

Elaine W.

I was deeply impressed with Viviana’s professionalism and the natural flow of her interpretation.

I recently watched Viviana interpret 20 conference sessions over a consecutive 8 day period. I understood most of both the original language and the translation. She clearly works very hard to always strive for the best and most faithful translation and is a pleasant and easy person to work with. I highly recommend her services!

Julia J.

Thanks to her educational experience and her bicultural home, she stands out as a quick and creative interpreter.

Viviana has offered us her interpreting services in a variety of events, both inside and outside of Colombia. She is characterized as a responsible, kind and organized individual, committed to her work.

Jaime Salinas

President, Fundación Internacional Maranata

Growing up with 2 first languages gives her a depth of knowledge and ability to explain which is second to none.

I enjoyed working with Viviana. She is not only fully bilingual, but also bi-cultural. She can explain the contextual background of what is being said to help students like me achieve deeper understanding. She is one of the best language teachers I have ever had!

Doug S.

The curriculum is very well designed. At the end of each class, you feel as though you’ve learned lots of new vocabulary and grammar structures but at the same time it isn’t overwhelming. It’s just the right balance.

Viviana is a very organised teacher and that’s what I love about her classes. You get all of the worksheets upfront, so you’re able to work ahead if you want. Since she is fully bilingual, she’s able to easily explain anything that you might not understand in Spanish. It’s just the right balance. I highly recommend her classes

Leandra Griffith

Online English Teacher, English With Leandra

Viviana Spicer exceeded my expectations as an interpreter.

Viviana was a constant professional. In addition to interpreting, as I was born without arms and legs, Viviana always made sure I was taken care of prior to an event and even afterwards. I’d highly recommend Viviana Spicer to future prospective clients seeking an interpreter.

I’d certainly love to work with her again in the future.

Lisa Olson

President, Manyata Ministries

She is very timely with her responses and works very quickly and diligently.

I love working with Viviana. I have known her for years and can say that she is very experienced and professional. She has also traveled quite a bit, and is great at picking up things here and there from different regions, making her great at finding the precise word or translating colloquialisms. She also has a great personality and provides great customer service.

Laura Corredor

Social Media and Marketing Manager, Palato

Her lessons are always well prepared and she is professional and kind in her teaching style taking the time to correct grammar and pronunciation.

I met Viviana when preparing to lead a group to Ecuador for a short term trip. She gave the group some simple Spanish lessons. I had taken a little Spanish in high school many years ago but in the past years wanted to brush up my Spanish as we travel to Latin American countries almost every winter. I signed up for her 6 week Upper Beginner online class which I have thoroughly enjoyed! The convenience of being able to sign on just minutes before class is great. Viviana went above and beyond before classes started to show me how to use Google Hangouts!

Grace B.

I will definitely keep all the resources she has provided such as websites, videos and voice clips because they are all straight forward, practical learning tools.

Bilingual Exchange is an amazing step in learning Spanish. The lessons are structured to include a small portion of grammar and vocabulary to promote the learning of simple sentences with accurate content. Her Memrise is an amazing app that is easy and accessible. I highly recommend taking any courses with Bilingual Exchange, I am slowly becoming more confident in my studies while retaining an enthusiasm to keep going!

Haley W.

Viviana created a safe classroom, which was impressive since it all took place online.

I recently just finished a four-week Spanish course through Bilingual Exchange and greatly enjoyed everything about the class and the instructor. It was nice to stay in my house and be able to sign into Google to have class with everyone and the lessons that were sent each week were organized and extremely helpful. I highly recommend trying out Bilingual Exchange’s Spanish course to strengthen or kick off your speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills in Spanish. Keep up the good work!

Rachel O.

MS Teacher, El Camino Academy

She is very reliable and does well under pressure.

I have watched Viviana interpret in many different situations. Viviana is as professional as they come. She was able to communicate and interpret very quickly and was able to convey the message in a way that is relevant and also truthful.  I have watched her interpret in front of big crowds and small groups and knows how to work the audience she is in front of. I highly recommend Viviana for all your interpreting needs!

Anthony K

Viviana’s kindness towards her clients is one of her greatest assets.

Viviana is an excellent translator! She is diligent, and her work is very precise and professional. I was very pleased to have her as my translator and thankful for her work!

Camila M.

Miss Afanador exhibited much talent in translation and in enriching proposed materials targeting an Anglophone audiences.

She was also very punctual, creative and accurate while performing all of her duties. Moreover, she has the capabilities of understanding complex social contexts and showed sensitivity to social issues.

Camilo Palacios

National Communications Leader, World Vision Colombia

I can say that thanks to her I was able to improve my English in very short time! I am really glad for being able to have that experience with her.

Eun Sol J.

Viviana is a very dependable and committed individual. She has completed several translations from English to Spanish and Spanish to English for La Red Business Network. I really appreciate her kindness and willingness to serve.

Marcela Valderrama

Assistant Director, La Red Business Network

This company provides high-quality work, is always on time and is very honest. Their prices are very competitive.

Giovanni Mejía

Consultant, Rev320

We thoroughly enjoyed Viviana’s presentation of each lesson, her availability to answer questions and her patient correction of mispronounced words.

My husband and I have just completed the first unit of Spanish lessons with Viviana. While we had a bit of Spanish exposure during the two years we worked in Colombia a few years ago, we struggled to retain more than rudimentary vocabulary. Viviana’s course presents the basics in a structured, logical progression that both reviews and gives new material from week-to-week, thereby making it easier to retain. We highly recommend this course and its kind, gracious teacher!