Joining Spanish classes can be quite cumbersome.

It can be hard to pay upfront for a live class for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you can’t commit to once (or twice?!) a week and don’t want to pay for classes you’ll be absent. Maybe a one or two hour chunk of time simply doesn’t fit into your schedule. Maybe you had every intention of joining a class, but you missed the registration deadline and now have to wait until the next session.

Listen, we understand.

Our video courses are our most affordable option if you want to learn Spanish with the help of a native speaker using structured lessons. Purchase our courses and receive access to video lessons and corresponding worksheets. You can work through them at your own pace and stop worrying about missing lessons. Use them as a crash-course to review or catch up or spread them out over several months.


Don’t even leave your house. Open up a browser and enjoy a Spanish lesson from the comfort of your own home.

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Find a lesson confusing? Don’t be shy. Our instructors are happy to help explain a concept or two.


With each lesson coming down to $2.50, we’ve made it possible for anyone to access our courses.


Learn at your own pace. Fit Spanish into your lifestyle and enjoy the process.

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Viviana is a great Spanish teacher. I never believed that I could learn any language. She uses a great combination of learning tools that solidify the new lessons. It is never boring and I am addicted to learning Spanish because of Viviana.


Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health

Viviana did a wonderful job and I have a deeper understanding of Spanish because of it. I loved the convenience of the classes because  I could complete them from my living room. There was enough time to get more practice reading, speaking, writing, and listening.


Elementary Teacher, El Camino Academy

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