Have you tried to learn Spanish in the past, but…

  • You search YouTube and watch countless of videos, but just don’t seem to learn?
  • You’ve purchased courses, programs, books, and many other resources, but they just sit there week after week?
  • You’ve been learning on your own, but want a native speaker’s feedback?
  • As much as you’d like one-on-one lessons, you just can’t afford it?

Next courses are set to start in Fall 2016.

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Videos don’t cut it.


You need feedback from a native speaker.

Private lessons are too expensive.

Your Spanish resources are piling up.

¡Hola! I’m Viviana and I love languages.

I was born into a bilingual, bicultural home in Bogota, Colombia, and have spent my life navigating between various cultures. I love learning about languages, I love learning them myself (still working on Arabic!), and I love teaching them. Though Spanish was technically my first language, I essentially grew up speaking both English and Spanish. I’ve been tutoring and teaching Spanish and English for over seven years, and began developing my own Spanish curriculum in early 2015.

I now teach Spanish both in-person and online to individuals and in group settings. I love different cultures, and I truly believe that languages are the key to unlocking so much.

The Online Spanish Café is perfect for you if:

  • You are an incurable polyglot.
  • Your desire to learn Spanish is greater than your free time, finances, and availability.
  • You’ve been bitten by the Spanish bug on recent travels to Latin America. 
  • You’re headed to Latin America but would like to say more than “hola.”
  • You’ve studied it in the past, but due to infrequent use, have all but forgotten it.
  • Your significant other is a Spanish speaker secretly (or not so secretly!) hoping for you to learn it too.
  • You’re simply bored and looking for a new hobby.

I'm ready!

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Good question! So glad you asked.

Essentially, the Online Spanish Café is a comprehensive live online Spanish course that grants you the flexibility to learn from the comfort of your own home. This course consists of weekly video calls, where students get the opportunity to interact with the teacher throughout the entire thing. (Yes, goodbye to Power Point slides with a voice over).

These courses are bundled in units, giving you the freedom to register for bite-sized chunks and see progress before making the next investment. Each unit has between six and 12 lessons, each ranging between 35 and 50 minutes.

Each lesson includes numerous links to various online resources, making the internet your limit as you learn Spanish from home. These videos are hand-picked to fit the subject matter of each lesson. This helps you save time by not searching for your own supplementary materials.

Additionally, there is always an option of a written assignment for you to further solidify concepts learned in class. This is an excellent way to catch mistakes and receive feedback. Students who take advantage of this option see much progress.

The Online Spanish Café gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish from your own home, with a native speaker, using structured lessons, but granting you the flexibility you need to make it possible! I pride myself in offering relaxed and enjoyable lessons, while still maintaining excellent quality in each class.

Here are some key features:

  • Each course is limited to seven students to make sure that each student gets plenty of time to interact with me as the teacher.
  • You’ll receive worksheets that serve as the backbone of the lessons. These worksheets introduce new vocabulary, shows a verb conjugation, and includes grammar exercises.
  • I allow enough time for everyone to practice speaking and listening.
  • All of the course materials are included in each purchase (goodbye, expensive textbooks!).
  • All you really need is a pen, the printed worksheets, headphones, and your laptop!
  • Each lesson is recorded so you can catch up if you missed class.

Viviana created a safe classroom, which was impressive since it all took place online.


Middle School Teacher, El Camino Academy

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Integrated Lessons

Our curriculum integrates grammar with topical vocabulary, helping you grow your functional vocabulary while better understanding how the language fits together.


Homework Folders

Receive access to our homework folders and further solidify the vocabulary and topics learned in each lesson. You’ll receive feedback and comments to help improve your writing and see where you need to improve.


Useful Worksheets

Our unique worksheets are well-organized and prove to be an excellent resource for review. You don’t need any extra resources to participate in our classes.


Recorded Lessons

Don’t stress about missing a class. Watch the recording later that week and don’t fall behind. If a lesson was especially difficult, re-watch it later that week to catch concepts that were hard to catch the first time through!

Registration is now closed. Courses are in session.

Sorry we missed you! Our next session of group courses are scheduled to start in June 2016.

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The 30-minute window for each class was ideal as well because it did not take the entire night, but was enough time to get more practice reading, speaking, writing, and listening.


Elementary School Teacher, El Camino Academy

Still not sure which Spanish service is best for you? Compare the different features:

Conversation Circles

Practice speaking
  • Consistent speaking practice
  • Cheat sheet to help follow along
  • Summary recap email
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Online Spanish Café Replays

More flexibility
  • Access to previously recorded classes
  • Comprehensive worksheets
  • Corresponding vocabulary course
  • Email support
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Online Spanish Café Live!

More interaction
  • Access to recorded lessons
  • Comprehensive worksheets
  • Email support
  • LIVE and interactive lessons
  • Optional homework submission
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Spanish Edge

Personalized attention
  • Comprehensive worksheets
  • Personalized summary videos
  • Easy rescheduling
  • Participation in group courses
  • Optional homework submission
  • Personalized, industry-specific vocabulary course
  • Numerous extra resources
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Unlock the Culture

Taught by a native Spanish speaker, get the richest learning experience. I’ll share fun cultural facts and other information you probably won’t find in a text book!


Extra Resources

Stop searching for extra resources on Google. We’ve done it for you. Each lesson includes multiple links to other online resources to practice your vocabulary and improve your listening ability.

Memory Help

Use our corresponding Memrise courses to help solidify vocabulary you’re learning in each lesson. Learn on the go as Memrise works on any device!

Proven Track Record

Over 35 students have taken our lessons and more than half have signed up for subsequent courses. Don’t just listen to us, trust their satisfaction!

Excellent Online Resources

Not only does our entire course take place online, but we make sure to make use of the excellent resources the internet offers. Our most popular resource is Memrise: a website the helps make language-learning fun. Our personalized free courses correspond to each of our lessons, allowing students to learn on-the-go and re-enforce each lesson’s vocabulary. In addition to Memrise, we provide dozens of links to websites, YouTube videos, games, and other pertinent resources to help you learn best.

Your home can be your classroom

Eliminate extra travel-time and simply log into our classroom five minutes before class. Sit on your couch, wear your pajamas, and don’t just enjoy the language, but also soak up the process of learning it.

We are committed to making this experience as enjoyable as possible, so please, pull up chair, kick back, and join in!

I had a really good experience with Viviana as a Spanish teacher and tutor. She explains things very well and in a way that made it really easy to learn. It is really easy to understand her because of how she speaks and pronounces everything.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a payment?

We accept all major credit cards and payment can be made online via Pay Pal.

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all students within two weeks of your registration. If you are not satisfied with our classes, then simply send us an email and we will refund your registration right away. Our goal has been to create a happy, thriving, Spanish-learning community. If you are not thrilled with the classes or are not enjoying your experience, then we will do what we can to fix it and return your registration fee.

Can I make a payment on a class-by-class basis?

Unfortunately, you can only register for our group classes as a unit. Even though each lesson in our group courses ends up costing less than $15 at its full price, you must register for the entire unit in order to participate.

Do you have classes for complete beginners?

Yes! I absolutely LOVE complete beginners. We begin this unit with “hola,” but guarantee that you’ll be able to say much more than that by the end! Check out the Beginner Unit 1 course to get started.

I missed the deadline but want to sign up!

Aw, we want you to sign up too! However, we want to guarantee the best experience for you (meaning, participating in every single class!)… so you’ll have to wait until our next session.

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