“I can understand more than I speak.”

Have you ever said those words?

You can study, and study, and study a language, but if you don’t get to practice it, chances are you’re feeling pretty stuck in your language-learning journey.

Our conversation circles were created precisely to meet that need. We want to give you a time and place to practice your Spanish in a welcoming, relaxed, and non-threatening environment.

Our in-person conversation meets weekly at a local public library (currently Thunder Bay), while our conversation circle meets every other week via Google Hangouts on Air.

Viviana provides a supportive and fun learning environment that encourages participation and excitement in learning Spanish.


Speaking Practice

Each week you’ll have a chance to practice speaking in Spanish about a variety of topics. The guided conversations ensure that you get a chance to practice beyond, “Hola, ¿cómo estás?”



You need to exercise your Spanish brain consistently. Our regular circles give you a set time to practice retrieving that vocabulary that is in there… somewhere!


The price can’t be beat! Not only that, if you’re unable to make it out, make sure you’re on the conversation circle email list to get a quick summary of the topics and key vocabulary each week.


Each topic is hand-picked and carefully planned in order to get your brain thinking about topics in a new way. Get to know the other participants and share your opinions on everything from the weather to love and friendship.

Thunder Bay

Join our weekly conversation circle at the Waverley Resource Library. We’ll meet every Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm. Where in the library? Head to the basement by where the foreign language books used to kept.

Tuesday, May 3- Religion and Spirituality
Tuesday, May 10- Health and Wellness
Tuesday, May 17- Clothes and Fashion
Tuesday, May 24- War and Peace

Virtual Circle

Join our biweekly virtual circle every other Monday evening at 8:00 pm EST. Check out our tutorial on how to join a Google Hangout on Air, register for our next one, and see you there!

Monday, May 9- Art
Monday, May 23- Beauty and Physical Attractiveness

Thank you for all that you do for your students. You are a very generous teacher.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to participate?

Zip, nothing, NADA! 🙂 Just bring yourself and your willingness to participate and start talking!

What do you talk about?

We do the work beforehand and come up with plenty of questions that serve as conversation starters. Each week we have a certain topic, allowing you to practice speaking about diverse topics so you’re not always stuck introducing yourself, talking about what you do, and who is in  your family. Talk about art, politics, animals, health, fitness, and much, much more!

We’ll guide the conversations and give you plenty of time to practice in smaller groups.

Is this for beginners?

Technically, no. The expectation is that you can converse in Spanish… so this is geared to intermediate and advanced speakers. HOWEVER, with that said, we do provide cheat sheets for beginners and definitely encourage them to be there. Whenever we have enough beginners, they break into their own group to keep them from being lost.

So, yes, come on out! All are welcome!

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Viviana is a wonderful instructor. Being fully bilingual and bicultural, she offers insight into how things should be phrased in Spanish based on personal experiences and a deep knowledge and understanding of the content.


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