There are great reasons to learn languages in group settings instead of with a one-on-one teacher or tutor. Perhaps you’re shy and feel intimidated by the one-to-one setting. Maybe you’re looking for relationships and friendships with other students. Finally, maybe a one-on-one tutor is simply not realistic given your financial situation.

The vast majority of our group lessons take place in an online “classroom” using Google Hangouts on Air (think: video-call platform that allows multiple participants and automatically records and broadcasts the sessions). Our small-group classes still allow for much face-to-face interaction and students get a chance to submit homework, ask questions, work on reading and listening comprehension.

We recently launched in-person lessons in Thunder Bay and our first session is underway. Our next session is schedule to start in January 2016 with registration opening up in December. To ensure that the level you want is offered, fill out this quick survey so we get a better idea of what it is you want.

If neither of the previous options for for you, we would be happy to personalize lessons for you. Maybe you’re a team leader for a group heading to South America or perhaps a family trip is coming up. Whatever it may be, we’d love to work with you to create a personalized group class that fits your schedule.

I highly recommend trying out Bilingual Exchange’s Spanish course to strengthen or kick off your speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills in Spanish. Keep up the good work!


Middle School Teacher, El Camino Academy

The Afanadors are talented, experienced, and bicultural in addition to being bilingual. You can trust their competence and their character, and their prices are always incredibly fair for the high-quality services that they deliver.


English Teacher and Translator

Online Full Courses

These courses come around every 10 weeks or so and are limited to nine students. During these courses you’ll get practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Each lesson includes homework assignments which will receive feedback from the teacher. Each lesson is recorded so you can catch up if you happen to miss one. Registration is now open for the session beginning in November.

Thunder Bay

Our first-ever in-person Spanish classes are currently underway. Though registration is closed, we’ll be launching a new course in January 2016 and registration will open in December. If you live in Thunder Bay, you’ll love our in-person courses, allowing face-to-face interaction and additional time for questions and speaking practice. Fill out our survey if you’re interested in classes in January; we’ll schedule our classes and levels offered based on the survey responses.

Personalized Group

Are you a leading a team to Latin America? Do several of your friends want to learn Spanish, but you can’t make our group classes? We’d be happy to program classes that fit your schedule for groups. We can customize our curriculum or simply adjust our schedules. Let us fit into your schedule. Contact us!

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Free Conversation Circles

Oh, and did we mention our 100% free Spanish conversation circles?

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