• Do you frequently travel to Latin America on business?
  • Are you frustrated by the language barrier?
  • Are you sick of missing important information?
  • Can you see how not knowing Spanish has been limiting your business?

Is Spanish crucial to your work?

You finally see why you can’t afford to NOT learn Spanish. Knowing the language will open many doors for you.

Experiencing culture shock?

Learning Spanish is the best way to understand the people you do business with. Minimize your culture shock by boosting your Spanish.


Lacking confidence in business conversations?

Boost your confidence by learning Spanish and feeling comfortable in this new culture.

Do business trips exhaust you?

Spending time in a foreign country where you don’t understand the language is draining. Eliminate that language barrier and enjoy your trips more.

Let me help you with that.

Hola! My name is Viviana and I offer high-quality Spanish lessons to professionals working in Latin America.

I was born into a bilingual, bicultural home in Bogota, Colombia, and have spent my life navigating between various cultures. Though Spanish was technically my first language, I essentially grew up speaking both. I’ve been tutoring and teaching Spanish and English since 2006, and began developing my own Spanish curriculum in early 2015.

Because I not only speak both languages, but have spent my life navigating between the cultures, I will both teach you the language and serve as a cultural guide. If you know anything about Latin American culture, you know that relationships are key, and simply learning the language won’t be enough. My lessons weave language and culture together, recognizing that to build effective bridges with businesses and companies based in Latin America, you must be a master of small talk in their own language.

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The thought of joining a Spanish class with a fixed schedule sounds ludicrous. How could you possibly fit it in? Would your schedule even guarantee you the same availability each week? What about business trips? How would you work around those?

You have a crazy, busy schedule. I get it. 

In order to serve business professionals, I offer extremely flexible scheduling options. These online Spanish classes are ideal because for you because you can:

  • Schedule each lesson on a week-to-week basis
  • Cancel or reschedule a lesson with a 12 hour notice
  • Log on from your home or office and waste no time in transportation
  • Adjust how long a lesson is– one hour too long? Break it into two, 30-minute lessons!

Flexible Scheduling

Commit to a lesson week-by-week! You don’t need to know your schedule weeks in advance.

Relaxed Rescheduling

Change of plans? No worries. Cancel and reschedule with ease.

Zero Travel Time

Have 45 minutes in the day? Take a 45 minute lesson. Eliminate your travel time.

Business Trip Friendly

Heading out? Either schedule a lesson from anywhere in the world, or simply resume once you’re back in town.

Finding time to study vocabulary can be incredibly difficult. All of my lessons include corresponding Memrise vocabulary courses, enabling you to learn and retain more Spanish easily. Memrise is an innovative, fun (and dare I say addictive?) way to learn vocabulary. The Memrise lesson match each video lesson, helping you focus your limited time to get the highest return on your investment.

However, maybe you’re still hesitant about signing up for a Spanish lesson, because you’re afraid that the vocabulary won’t pertain to your industry. Sure, perhaps a lesson will teach you the days of the week, but how ill it pertain to the nautical industry? Photography? Fashion?

Simply provide me with an industry glossary, and I’ll compile a personalized Memrise vocab course for you. 

The personalized course includes audio clips, helping you perfect your pronunciation on industry-specific words.

Memrise is an excellent tool for traveling professionals because it allows you to learn on any device, anywhere in the world. You may find yourself stuck on a long flight, but thanks to Memrise, refreshing your vocabulary is right at your fingertips.

Obviously a perk of a private lesson is the personalized attention. But I won’t just personalize the attention… I’ll personalize everything.

During each lesson, I take notes and keep track of words that are difficult to pronounce, concepts that seem confusing, and tricky sounds or vocabulary. After each lesson, you’ll receive a personalized video highlighting difficult words and concepts. This 8-15 minute video will give you a chance to review concepts from each lesson before moving on to the next. Each video includes pronunciation, grammar, and verb practice. These are not pre-recorded, general videos. Each one is based entirely on the lesson we just had and is completely tailored to your needs.

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Conversational Practice

The beginning of each lesson is focused on practicing the Spanish you’ve learned so far. Maybe I’ll ask you questions, maybe I’ll guide a conversation. Either way, you’ll get a chance to start speaking Spanish from day one. If you wait to start speaking until you feel comfortable or have learned “enough,” you may never get started. This start to each lesson helps force you to take that step into speaking comfortably.


Well-designed Worksheets

Each lesson comes with corresponding worksheets, allowing you to print them off, easily follow along in class, and keep for future reference and review. Though some students prefer to go through the worksheets prior to class, this isn’t expected, as we go through it during class. Store the worksheets in a binder, and create your own Spanish textbook as you go.


The first page of the worksheet focuses on some topical vocabulary (ie- days of the week, kitchen items, travel and tourism, etc.). There will be several activities designed to help you use and retain the new vocabulary.

Verb Conjugation

Each lesson includes a verb-conjugation chart with one of the 100-most used verbs in Spanish. You’ll learn the conjugation of that specific verb in one tense. After each chart you’ll get the chance to practice conjugating the verbs in real sentences, helping you learn in context.


After the first 12 lessons for total beginners, each lesson after that includes a grammar portion. This could be verb conjugation in certain tenses, uses of articles, pronouns, adjectives or adverbs! The worksheets include basic explanations and plenty of exercises to put what you’re learning into practice.


Optimal Support


Because the internet is the limit of our resources, we have found the ideal supplementary tools to help you on your Spanish journey. A student-favorite is Memrise. Our corresponding Memrise lessonstrick you into studying by making you think you’re having fun! Learn and retain vocabulary with just 5 minutes a day. Learn on any device and download the course to continue learning offline.

Personalized Support

Have a quick question before a business meeting? Shoot me an email and I’d be happy to help out. Heading out to eat at a Mexican restaurant? Text me some questions, and I’ll help you phrase them correctly so you can practice in a new environment. Whatever it is, I try to be as accessible as possible through quick email responses and even quicker text replies.


Each lesson includes numerous links to various online resources, making the internet your limit as you learn Spanish from home. These videos are hand-picked to fit the subject matter of each lesson. This helps you save time by not searching for your own supplementary materials.

Additionally, there is always an option of a written assignment for you to further solidify concepts learned in class. This is an excellent way to catch mistakes and receive feedback. Students who take advantage of this option see much progress.



Fill out a quick application, and I’ll contact you to see if we’d be a good fit!

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Fill out a quick application, and I’ll contact you to see if we’d be a good fit!

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