Do you want to learn Spanish, but…

  • There’s no way you could commit to a weekly class?
  • You can’t get out of the house? Maybe you’re sick, or injured, or have little ones at home you simply can’t leave?
  • You’re so frustrated that classes only happen once a week, and you need a crash-course pronto!
  • You’d try Rosetta Stone, but it’s just too big of an investment?

Maybe it just doesn’t seem possible for you…

¡Hola! I’m Viviana and I love languages.

I was born into a bilingual, bicultural home in Bogota, Colombia, and have spent my life navigating between various cultures. I love learning about languages, I love learning them myself (still working on Arabic!), and I love teaching them. Though Spanish was technically my first language, I essentially grew up speaking both English and Spanish. I’ve been tutoring and teaching Spanish and English for since 2008, and began developing my own Spanish curriculum in early 2015.

I now teach Spanish both in-person and online to individuals and in group settings. I love different cultures, and I truly believe that languages are the key to unlocking so much.

The Online Spanish Café Replays are perfect for you if:

  • Your desire to learn Spanish is greater than your free time, finances, and availability.
  • You’ve been bitten by the Spanish bug on recent travels to Latin America. 
  • You’re headed to Latin America but would like to say more than “hola.”
  • You’ve studied it in the past, but due to infrequent use, have all but forgotten it.
  • Your significant other is a Spanish speaker and is secretly (or not so secretly!) hoping for you to learn it too.
  • You’re simply bored and looking for a new hobby.

Good question! So glad you asked.

Essentially, the OSC Replays are a series of recordings of previous lessons that grant you the flexibility to learn Spanish when and where you want to. Because they are recordings of my previous Spanish courses, allowing you to be part of a classroom. (Yes, goodbye to Power Point slides with a voice over!)

These courses are bundled in units, giving you the freedom to purchase bite-sized chunks and see progress before making the next investment. Each unit has between six and 12 lessons, each ranging between 35 and 50 minutes.

The OSC Replays allow you to learn Spanish at your own pace, with a native speaker, using structured lessons, but granting you all the flexibility you need to make it possible! You can work each lesson at your own pace and stop worrying about missing lessons. Use them as a crash-course to review or catch up or spread them out over several months.

The video lessons come with corresponding worksheets, allowing you to print them off, fill in the exercises, and keep for future reference and review. Each worksheet introduces new vocabulary, shows a verb conjugation, and includes grammar exercises. Additionally, you’ll find numerous links to various online resources, making the internet your limit!

All of the course materials are included in each purchase (goodbye, expensive textbooks!) and all you really need is a pen, the printed worksheets, and your laptop!


Like we said, you really CAN learn Spanish on your own time!


Don’t even leave your house. Open up a browser and enjoy a Spanish lesson from the comfort of your own home.

Email support

Find a lesson confusing? Don’t be shy. Our instructors are happy to help explain a concept or two.


With each lesson breaking down to $2.50, we’ve made it possible for anyone to access our courses.


Learn at your own pace. Fit Spanish into your lifestyle and enjoy the process.

We’re constantly adding new units, so it can get a bit overwhelming figuring out where exactly to start. At the moment, we only offer one level: Beginner Spanish.

In a nutshell…

Beginner Spanish is for you if:

  • You’ve never taken a Spanish class before.
  • You’ve traveled to Latin America and “picked some up” while you were there.
  • You can identify plenty of basic vocabulary but struggle with sentence structure.
  • You are beginning to figure out verbs in the present tense but need more practice.

To get a better feel for each unit, click through the charts below and find the unit that best suits your level.

Viviana is a great Spanish teacher. I never believed that I could learn a language. She uses a great combination of learning tools that solidify the new lessons. It is never boring, and I am addicted to learning Spanish because of Viviana.


Viviana did a wonderful job, and I have a deeper understanding of Spanish because of it. I loved the convenience of the classes because  I could complete them from my living room.


Elementary Teacher, El Camino Academy


New to Spanish? Start here!

Throughout this level, we will focus on vocabulary accumulation in the Spanish language. As you grow your vocabulary in Spanish, you will also improve in reading comprehension and listening. You’ll learn topics like days of the week, colors, numbers, telling time, seasons, body parts, and food. We make sure you have a solid foundation of vocabulary before moving on to grammar, so don’t be surprised if there’s very little grammar!

In this course, we will hit 12 different topical lessons and learn how to conjugate the 12 most-used verbs in Spanish in the present tense. By the end of the unit, you will be able to comfortably use these words in a variety of contexts, incredibly increasing your ability to communicate in Spanish.

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If you have some basic Spanish (days of the week, colors, numbers, greetings, body parts, etc.), but lack a grammatical understanding of how to construct your own sentences, then this is the place to start.

This unit is slightly shorter than the previous unit, with only eight lessons. In this unit, we will continue to expand our vocabulary through topical lessons, but we will begin to focus more on grammar. By the end of this unit, you will be able to comfortably conjugate regular verbs in the present tense and begin learning some patterns for stem-changing verbs.

In addition to the grammar lessons, you’ll continue learning the conjugations for the most-common verbs in Spanish, so by the end of Unit 1 and 2, you will know the present tense conjugations for the 20 most-frequently-used verbs in Spanish. We encourage you to check out our free corresponding Memrise course to start learning vocabulary.

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So, you know quite a bit of basic vocabulary, and you could probably string a couple of sentences together, though not too confidently. You are familiar with verb conjugation in the present tense (especially with regular verbs), but you definitely need more practice!

This unit contains eight lessons, each with a vocabulary component and and a grammatical portion. The vocab topics include professions and occupations, hobbies and recreation, and money and shopping. In the grammar section, you’ll be learning more about conjugating verbs in the present tense, especially those stem-changing verbs that can be tricky.

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She is one of the best language teachers I have ever had!


Previously recorded lessons?
I’m watching other people take a class?
What’s it like?
Will I even learn anything?
What can I actually expect the experience to be like?

Purchasing a new product you’ve never heard of can feel risky. What if it totally isn’t worth the investment?

Well, we have two ways to safe-guard you:

1) Watch a sample lesson! Below you’ll find a real lesson from a course. You can download the corresponding PDF, press play, and take your first Spanish lesson.

2) We offer refunds on all purchases within 30 days. We’re positive you’ll find lots of value, but if you don’t, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Beginner Unit 1, Lesson 4

This lesson is taken from our Beginner level, and you’ll learn the days of the week. You can download the corresponding PDF to print right here.

Bilingual Exchange is an amazing step in learning Spanish. The lessons are structured to include a small portion of grammar (verb conjugation) and vocabulary to promote the learning of simple sentences with accurate content.


Her lessons are always well prepared, and she is professional and kind in her teaching style. I would recommend Bilingual Exchange to anyone wanting to learn or improve Spanish.


Viviana is not only a lovely person but also a top-notch teacher. You can’t help but learn with the tools she provides. Add her expertise to the mix, and you have a winning combination.


Viviana created a safe classroom, which was impressive since it all took place online. The lessons  were organized and extremely helpful. I highly recommend trying out Bilingual Exchange’s Spanish courses to strengthen or kick off your speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills in Spanish.


Middle School Teacher, El Camino Academy

Viviana is a wonderful instructor. Being fully bilingual and bicultural, she offers insight into how things should be phrased in Spanish, based on personal experiences and a deep knowledge and understanding of the content.


I enjoyed the brief overview [of Spanish] and could see the benefit of a more involved class. You did an excellent job at explaining the rationale behind some of the grammar rules. You also kept it fun.