Beginner Unit 1



Lesson 1: Greetings, Goodbyes, and Introductions

  • Explore various ways to greet people and how to say goodbye
  • Introduction to starting basic conversations
  • Telling others a little about yourself
  • Verb: Estar (to be, temporary)

Lesson 2: Asking Questions

  • Learn the eight basic question words
  • Learn basic questions
  • Practice forming your own questions
  • Understand the basic differences between feminine and masculine nouns
  • Verb: Ser (to be, permanent)

Lesson 3: Numbers 1-21

  • Learn the numbers
  • Practice basic mental math only using Spanish
  • Learn the words “before” and “after” and practice using the numbers in context
  • Verb: Tener (to have)

Lesson 4: Days of the Week

  • Learn the days of the week
  • Become familiar with other time expressions related to daily or weekly activities
  • Describe your weekly schedule
  • Understand the basics of plural nouns
  • Verb: Hacer (to do)

Lesson 5: Family Members

  • Learn the words for immediate family members
  • Describe your family
  • Verb: Poder (to be able to)

Lesson 6: Numbers 31-100 and Telling Time

  • Count all the way up to 100
  • Do basic math practicing these numbers
  • Learn to tell time
  • Read and understand basic schedules
  • Verb: Decir (to say)

Lesson 7: Months and Seasons

  • Learn all of the months of the year
  • Learn the seasons
  • Become familiar with basic weather words to describe each season
  • Verb: Ir (to go)

Lesson 8: Colors and Shapes

  • Learn the basic colors
  • Learn the basic shapes
  • Learn how to describe objects based on their color and shape
  • Become more familiar with positional vocabulary
  • Verb: Ver (to see)

Lesson 9: Restaurant Food

  • Learn several food items from various food groups (meats, drinks, side dishes, and desserts)
  • Understand and practice how to order food
  • Read dialogues between a customer and waiter
  • Learn about indefinite articles
  • Verb: Dar (to give)

Lesson 10: Grocery Store Foods

  • Learn many fruits and vegetables
  • Practice ordering food
  • Describe fruits based on their colour
  • Begin understanding when to use definite articles
  • Verb: Saber (to know)

Lesson 11: Body Parts and Health

  • Learn the basic body parts
  • Learn phrases to describe pain or sickness
  • Practice describing aches
  • Verb: Querer (to want)

Lesson 12: Numbers over 100

  • Learn how to put the numbers together to form bigger numbers
  • Practice listening to numbers
  • Review!
  • Verb: Llegar (to arrive)





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