With our world becoming more interconnected by the day, the need for Spanish continues to increase. Businesses have begun expanding into growing Latin American markets and employees wish they knew more Spanish.

Do you need your website translated? Need help communicating in that meeting? Want to actually learn the language to cut out the need for an interpreter?

Well, we’re here to help.

Bilingual Exchange is a small language-services company focused on Spanish-English communication throughout the Americas. Whether you need product descriptions translated into Spanish, help understanding that Skype call, or flexible Spanish classes to improve your language skills, we’re here to help you bridge that language barrier.

We are founded, run, managed, and operated by Rodrigo Afanador and Viviana Spicer, a brother-sister duo. Due to our size, we highly value personalized client attention and aim for your satisfaction during the entire process; we can focus on your project and your specific needs. We offer translating, interpreting and language-instruction services.

We’re here to bridge that language barrier; let us partner with you.


We’re not just about languages and words and all that jazz. We want to use languages to help connect people, to connect worlds. Whether that means you want to learn Spanish yourself, or you need a third party to get involved, we’re absolutely here to make sure you can connect with the people you want to.

Fully bilingual and bicultural

Trust that not only the words, but also the nuances and connotations will be accurately translated.

Know your translator

Take out the middleman and actually speak to the translator who will be working on your text. We build solid relationships with our clients.

Professional Quality

We proudly use SDL Trados and and pride ourselves in excellent quality for all of your translation needs.

Flexible Schedules

Work with interpreters who will work to adjust to your schedule and time constraints.

Friendly and Approachable

We completely view ourselves as members of your team; choose to work with interpreters who are approachable, friendly, and great team players.

Fully bilingual and bicultural

Trust that your message is being conveyed as accurately and professionally as possible. Our interpreters are fully bilingual and bicultural, ensuring that the message is both understood and transmitted faithfully.

Patient and Encouraging

Language-learning can be hard. Choose a teacher that will encourage and challenge you. Viviana strikes a perfect balance, consistently challenging and motivating you, yet patiently explaining complex or difficult concepts.

Trusted and Tried

With over 7 years of language-teaching instruction, Viviana has proven to be an excellent teacher. Her lessons are well-thought out and strategically ordered.

Flexible Schedules

Whether you join our group classes or schedule one-on-one lessons, find a time that works for you. Our group sessions offer recorded lessons so if you miss a class, you can always catch up!

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying…

As a professional communicator who has spoken in 43 countries and an international best-selling author, I know the value of having the best translators on my team.There is an exponential value when attempting to build business relationships to have on your side  dynamic, flexible and young individuals who have worked with senior officials of government, executives and business leaders of today.

I have seen this team make me proud on several occasions and events of the several years of working with them.

Nick Vujicic

President, Life Without Limbs

Working with Viviana Spicer in live interpretation situations has been a pleasure. She is quick, perceptive, experienced and able to interpret the subtlest of nuances. Viviana is completely bilingual AND bicultural, both of which are distinct assets in creating the great work she does.

Carlos Vergara

Owner, Carlos Vergara Photography

Viviana is a great Spanish teacher. I never believed that I could learn any language. Viviana is gentle, patient and always encouraging. She explains translation in a way that helps me remember the structure of the stories. She uses a great combination of learning tools that solidify the new lessons. It is never boring and I am addicted to learning Spanish because of Viviana.

Elaine Weir

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health

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