The more we grow at Bilingual Exchange, the more interested in business I become. The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster: why now is the time to #JoinTheRide came very highly recommended to me. In it, author Darren Hardy claims that he’s “seen too many people struggle with their business because no one helped them with things that really matter” (28). He goes on to say that if he’s done his job well, by the end of the book the reader will: 1) be tougher; 2) be well-equipped for the ride; and 3) be more confident than ever.

While I did indeed feel somewhat tougher after reading the book, I was not convinced by the latter claims.

The reader will be a lot tougher. Hardy claims that he will be able to “build up your immunity to rejection, negativity and doubt” (28). Though I certainly cannot proudly state that I am now immune to rejection, negativity and doubt, I definitely had my eyes opened to the kinds of rejection that many entrepreneurs face. Thankfully, Rodrigo and I have experienced much support as we started up Bilingual Exchange and have been encouraged by friends and family alike. But Hardy does offer many coping mechanisms and perspective changes that will enhance one’s ability to jump back up after being knocked down. Many of his ideas are simple and easy to implement, but the implications and effects of these small changes are far-reaching.

The reader will be well-equipped for the job. Now, how does one really go about doing this? How can a book prepare an individual for the ride of their lifetime on this “entrepreneurial rollercoaster”? Well, Hardy delves into marketing ideas, motivational quotes, and perhaps most memorably, anecdote after anecdote of other entrepreneurs. He candidly shares many an entrepreneur’s missteps and miscalculations, while also praising them for their bravery, ingenuity and resilience. The stories clearly communicated that to be an entrepreneur, one certainly needs to be equipped with perseverance, boldness and resilience.

The reader will be more confident than ever. I suppose many readers have come away from this book feeling extremely confident (*ahem* Rodrigo!), yet I tend to take many days (weeks?) to process this much information and to really be inspired by it. For those of us who are less bold and less brave, this book could be a bit intimidating, as one becomes more aware of the numerous ups and downs that are involved in starting your own business. However, Hardy provides free worksheets on his website that correspond with each chapter. These were gold. Absolute gold. If the information was overwhelming or simply too much to break down into action steps, these worksheets provided excellent ways to process and do something with each chapter.

So, did Hardy deliver on his promises? In many ways, yes. I do feel more equipped and more knowledgeable on the topic. However, would I go so far as to say that this is an essential guidebook? Perhaps not. However, whatever Hardy lacked in concrete content, he made up for with enthusiasm and short, memorable stories. The book was written to be easily read and re-read time and time again.

I’d give the book a 6/10. If you want to get pumped up for your new business adventure, grab this book! But grab a notebook, as well, to record ideas, and make sure you don’t forget your enthusiasm!